Lainie Devina

Lainie Devina is a highly-regarded yoga teacher as well as both a lead Teacher Trainer and Mentor in the YogaWorks Professional Program. Prior to becoming a yoga teacher, Lainie was a professional dancer. However, throughout her dance career she was taught to "work through the pain" and push beyond the health of her body, which eventually resulted in a career-ending back injury. After a year-long rehabilitation, Lainie found yoga and ultimately recognized this injury as an incredible gift; the lessons of which inspires her teaching today.

Lainie's experience as a dancer and in-depth yoga studies have given her the ability to communicate precise alignment in each asana. With safety as the foundation, she crafts intelligent, step-by-step sequences to open the body and the mind. Lainie's public classes are rooted in detailing and building the foundation of each pose. No matter the experience of the practitioner or the class level itself, Lainie passionately motivates her students to build flexibility, strength and endurance, all while maintaining the integrity of each students' individual needs.

"I have the privilege of guiding my students to work intimately with their bodies which creates space for them to experience more profound aspects of yoga. Underneath the layers of the body and mind is a sacred energy that connects us all, and holding space for this very personal transformation is why I teach."

Lainie's husband and three children provide her with daily inspiration and support to serve the yoga community. "Yoga has the power to heal and transform," and Lainie is deeply grateful to contribute to this sacred practice.