200hr. Teacher Training

January 13, 2018 to June 17, 2018

YogaWorks Westlake Village

January 13th - June 17th, 2018
Lead Assistant: Surreina Gallegos 
Location: YogaWorks Westlake Village

Saturdays 10:15am - 5:15pm
Sundays 10:15am - 4:15pm
*every other weekend

Ready to take your practice to a whole new level? Gain a deeper understanding of the many layers of yoga, advance your practice, develop confidence, and find your voice. For those who want to teach, our comprehensive teacher training program will mark the beginning of your successful career as a yoga teacher.

In this training, you will learn:

• Proper alignment, benefits and risks of foundational poses
• Principles of anatomy and how they apply to each posture
• The science and art of sequencing a yoga class
• Hands on adjustments
• How to observe and see bodies
• The art of the voice 
• Confidence though practice teaching
• Yoga history and philosophy
• An introduction into subtle body, ayurveda and meditation
• Sanskrit names of the postures

This foundational yoga training is designed to give you a transformational experience.  You will gain a deeper understanding of all things yoga and become part of a likeminded community.  For those who want to teach, this will mark the beginning of a successful career as a yoga teacher.

For more information please contact Sabrina Zellis:

310-664-6470 x114 (phone)